CPACM 2019

9ème Congrès national de la chirurgie de la main
2ème Congrès panafricain de la chirurgie de la main

Hôtel Laico Tunis Tunisie

17,18 et 19 Octobre, 2019

Abstract submission deadline today 17/09 at midnight


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Président du Congrés PanAfrcain

Dr. Moez TURKI

Dr. Moez TURKI

Président du congrés de la STCM







Dr. Kamel LARBI

Dr. Kamel LARBI


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Dear colleagues

The African Society of Hand Surgery (STCM), as our master named it, it’s founding president fire professor Hichem BAHRI in 2001, is maturing from year to year. Indeed, after having organized joint conferences with other foreign and national companies, such as the French Society of Hand Surgery, the French Society of Sports Medicine and the Tunisian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery, as well as after having organized Maghreb and Franco-Maghreb Congresses, it was time for our society to open up to Africa and organize the second Panafrican Congress of Hand Surgery.

To this end, I would like to thank my friend Dr Nizar MAHJOUB, and his friend Dr Moez TURKI for bringing this international congress to Tunis, thanks to the great effort they made to participate in the first Pan-African Congress, held in 2017 in Kinshasa-Democratic Republic of Congo, under the chairmanship of our friend Dr Anatole Kibadi.

I also thank Dr Foued Assal General Secretary of the Panarabic Federation of Hand Surgery Socities, for agreeing to be our partner.

I take this moment to thank all those who will participate in this congress and endure long hours of travel to move to Tunisia to share their experiences, enrich the discussions and raise the level of this scientific event. I wish them all welcome in Tunisia, and a pleasant congress, I also invite them to discover our beautiful country, withits rich history, culture and culinary recipes.

I also thank the members of the organizing committee for their dedication, as well as those who will participate from near and far in the success of this congress.

Good congress to all and long live the surgery hand.

Dr Mehdi Daghfous.

Dear Colleagues, Dear Brothers and Dear Friends,

The African Society of Hand Surgery "SAC-Main" was created in Douala, Cameroon on February 24, 2016. The Hand Surgery Society of the Democratic Republic of Congo (SCM-DRC) organized the 1st Panafrican Congress of  the "SAC-Main" at Kempensky Hotel Congo River of Kinshasa, from August 14 to 16, 2017, and this 1st Congress was a great success.  We observe the same great success for this 2nd Pan-African Congress of the "SAC-Main" organized by the Tunisian Society of Hand Surgery "STCM" at Laico Hotel in Tunis, from October 17th to 19th, 2019.

I thank and I pay homage to my colleagues and brothers of the "STCM", and more particularly to my friends Dr. Nizar MAHJOUB and Dr. Moez TURKI for the professionalism and sense of surpassing oneself with whom they organize this 2nd Pan-African Congress of  the "SAC-Main".  The richness of the main topics (arthroscopy, peripheral nerve diseases, after-effects of burns of the hand and upper limb, trauma of the hand at work in Africa, elbow prostheses, anesthesia of the upper limb) flatters and fascinates us.

The survival of the "SAC-Main" depends on these inter-African and extra-African exchanges.  I welcome the exchanges that are already taking place in the African countries of the Maghreb, and I encourage other African countries to pursue these inter-regional co-operation as much as possible.  At the 54th SFCM / GEM Congress in December 2018, a training and exchange area was set up on the sidelines of the day on the Francophonie.  This is an opportunity for us to preserve the level of training of our African surgeons.

The "SAC-Main" expresses its deep gratitude to the sister societies (SFCM / GEM, Pan-Arab Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand, ...), to the sponsors of its national hand surgery societies, to the various sponsors and  masters of its members ... the list is long and suffer that it is not nominative.  Finally, I sincerely thank all the members of the office of the "SAC-Main" for this sense of team, frank collaboration, and I measure the responsibility that falls on me.  First of all, I would like to acknowledge the importance and the quality of the work done by each of you.  You are the heroes in the shadows.

African surgeons, if we are "united" despite our specificities and stay "in family" despite our diversity, we are "all winners".  This 2nd Pan-African Congress of the African Society of Hand Surgery of Tunis (2019) will open, I firmly believe, a new era of reinforced cooperation between African surgeons, and also between African and non-African surgeons.  African.

Long live the African Society of Hand Surgery "SAC-Main"!

Long live the Tunisian Society of Hand Surgery "STCM"!

Fraternally and friendly,

 Dr. Anatole KIBADI KAPAY, MD, PhD

Dear colleagues, dear  friends,

The Tunisian Society Of Hand Surgery is organizing, as usual, its 9th National Congress to be held this year in conjunction with the 2nd Pan African Congress.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to co-chair this joint conference with Dr Nizar MAHJOUB.

Different topics will be discussed such as arthroscopy of the wrist, the Walling surgery but also the sequels of burns of the hand or the trauma of the hand at work still frequent under our skies to date.

I invite you to take an active part in this congress and to enrich your experience in order to lead to codified attitudes and rational behaviors allowing a good management of the hand.

Finally, convinced that we have much to learn from our African confreres I hope that this congress will strengthen our exchanges and will build strong and useful links between the different countries of Africa.

While waiting to see you many, I’ll see you soon.


Dear colleagues

The African Society of Hand Surgery entrusted us with the organization of its second congress and it is with great pride that we have accepted and that we will realize in association with the 9th national congress of the Tunisian Society Of Hand Surgery and the Arab Federation of Hand Surgery Socities, which is also our partner for this congress…

The scientific program will be rich and interesting. We will discuss wurrent topics in Africa and in the world such as the after-effects of burns of the hand, the hand at work, WALANT surgery,…

A panel of Tunisian, African, European and Canadian experts will be present and share their knowledge and experiences with you.

This congress will also be an opportunity for all African surgeons to meet and to get to know each other and establish links for future exchanges…

Finally, we will do everything so that your trip, your stay and your congress take place in the best conditions.

Dear confreres and friends, come all, bring back your families and your staffs, we foresee a very interesting social program and with all tastes.

Register early and it will cost less, and it will allow us a better organization.